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Literature Center

Printable product data sheets

The MicroImage Video Systems Literature Center has copies of our most recent literature for many products. This literature is designed to be color printed for presentation. Not all products are represented here but more will be added as new literature becomes available.

Full Line Card ???? Listing of all available product families
CBG310/410??? ???? series Color Bar Generators
CBG350/450 ??????? series?Color Bar Generators
CBG520???????????????? Color Bar Generators with ID text
CBG830???????????????? HD Color Bar Generator
CL5400???????????????? ?CrossLine/Box Generator
CL5404??????????????????CrossLine/Box Generator
CL8800????????????????? HD?CrossLine Generator
HDC730???????????????? 720p Hi-Def Video Camera
HDC840??????????????? 1080p High Definition Video Camera
MIR540???????????????? Video Mirror
PG311???????????????????? Custom Pattern Generator (1 image)
PG314??????????????????? ?Custom Pattern Generator (4 image)
PG315 ??????????????????? Pattern Generator with five standard patterns
BL-PXD140?????????? Remote Programmable Dual/Quad Display Controller
PXD510E???????????????Advanced Split Screen/Fade Controller
PXD520??????????????? ?Dual Side-by-Side Display Controller
PXQ524??????????????? ?Quad and Dual Side-by-Side Display Controller
PXQ540??????????????? ?Quad Display Controller
TLR500????????????????? Video Title Generator
VMU300????????????????Video Measurement Unit (Video Scaler)
VMU800??????????????? HD Video Measurement Unit (Video Scaler)
VP300???????????????????? Video Pointer
VP820???????????????????? HD Video Pointer & Scale Marker
VSC300?????????????????? Video Stop Clock
VT300???????????????????? Video Time/Date Generator