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Design Capabilities

Engineering and Design Capabilities

All of our video processing products are designed in-house. We design our own printed circuit boards using our in house PCB CAD system. These products incorporate the latest FPGAs, CPLDs, microcontroller and interface logic. We have been using programmable logic for over 25 years and have built up a considerable arsenal of IP (Intellectual Property) which can be used to the customers? advantage. Our product software is developed in-house and is proprietary, insuring the confidentiality of our products as well as any product designed for our customers. MicroImage Video Systems can design video products for standard definition (NTSC, PAL, RS170, RS343, etc.) and high definition as well as many non-standard & computer formats. Interfaces can be digital or analog.

While MicroImage Video Systems can and has designed completely custom products for our customers, many times we can accommodate the requirements with only custom or altered software and firmware to our existing boards which are designed to be programmable and highly flexible. For the customer, this can mean a significant reduction in up-front costs and time, especially for small production runs. MicroImage Video Systems will evaluate proposed product specifications to see if one of our standard boards already in production can meet the requirements of the customers.

In addition to our commercial product line, we have developed literally dozens of video products for specialized applications. Our reputation for quality products as well as our engineering expertise has encouraged many companies to approach us to engineer and manufacture innovative video products to be utilized within or in conjunction with their products. The list of these specialized video products is voluminous, however following is a small example of what we have developed:

?A video converter for military jets to adapt new cameras to an older, existing system
?A two camera video mixer that allows one camera image to be shifted for alignment with the other image
?Video test signal generators for flight displays and video rearview mirrors
?A system to mix an infrared camera with an image-intensified camera and provide electronic image alignment capabilities
?A very small RS170 sync generator and black reference
?Surveillance products for the HSA New York Port Authority for use in the traffic tunnels in New York City
?A multi-camera, real time machine vision system for the automated inspection of potatoes
?A non-contact video micrometer for a commercial saw blade manufacturer
?A video system to automatically detect animals crossing highways
?Video test signal generator for the automatic calibration of a video system
?A measurement product for printing systems with depth gauge data on screen
?A video based measurement system for printing plate alignment with additional system text displayed on screen
?A video overlay for clinical testing that allows several sets of data to be displayed on screen
?Early innovations in video based court arraignment systems
?Many more systems that are either fully custom designs or derivatives based on our existing products

What We Can Offer You

We have the knowledge and experience to interface our customer data needs with video. Examples include object measurement, visual proximity alarms, visual stress measurement, weather instrumentation data overlay on video, environmental data overlay on video and test data such as time, date, elapsed time, voltage, current, power, speed, rpm, temperature and pressure. General text such as project name, customer name, test name and environment can be displayed on the video image. Having all of this information available on screen, in real time with the video can greatly aid in interpreting test results and provides a very strong correlation between what is happening and the instrumentation data.

MicroImage Video Systems has specialized capabilities that few others can match. We know our capabilities well and will gladly quote on system requirements. We will also advise the customer when we feel the system requirements are outside of our core capabilities, and where possible recommend alternative suppliers.