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Product Operation and Interface Manuals

Product Description Manual Link
CBG350 Color Bar Generator for NTSC/PAL  
CBG400 Color Bar Generator  
CBG520 Color Bar Generator with ID Text  
CBG830 Hi Definition Color Bar Generator Hi-Def  
DEC500 Video Decoder (board level only)  
CL5400A CrossLine / Crosshair Generator -2H, 2V lines CL5400A Operation Manual (PDF) CL5400 Operation Manual (PDF) CL5400-CL5400A RS232 Interface Manual (PDF)
CL5404A CrossLine Generator – 4H lines CL5404A Operation Manual (PDF) CL5404 Operation Manual (PDF) CL5404-CL5400A RS232 Interface Manual (PDF)
D108A 1/2″ Color Video Camera D1081A Operation Manual (PDF)
ENC400B RGB(S) to S-video and Composite Encoder ENC400B Video Encoder (PDF) ENC400A Video Encoder (PDF)
HDC840 High Definition Color Video Camera Hi-Def HDC840 Operation Manual (PDF)
MIR540 Video Mirror Controller MIR540 Operation Manual (PDF) MIR540 RS-232 Interface Manual (PDF)
PCS15047 B&W Bar Generator (Board Level Only)  
PG311 Pattern Generator with 1 Custom Pattern PG311 Operation Manual (PDF)
PG314 Pattern Generator with 4 Custom Patterns PG314 Operation Manual (PDF)
PG315 Pattern Generator with 5 standard patterns PG315 Operation Manual (PDF)
PXD510E Video Split Screen Controller (Video Splitter) PXD510E Operation Manual (PDF) PXD510E Serial Control Protocol V1.0 (PDF)
PXD520 Side-By-Side Display Controller PXD520 Operation Manual (PDF) PXD520 RS232 Interface Manual (PDF)
PXQ524 Quad and Side-By-Side Display Controller PXQ524 Operation Manual (PDF) PXQ524-PXQ540 RS232 Interface Manual (PDF)
PXQ540 Quad Display Controller PXQ540 Series Quad Controller (PDF) PXQ524-PXQ540 RS232 Interface Manual (PDF)
SWA5141 4×1 Video Switch with remote capabilities SWA5141 & SWA5241 Operation Manual (PDF)
SWA5241 4×1 Video Switch with remote capabilities SWA5141 & SWA5241 Operation Manual (PDF)
SWP4031 3x1x4 (4channel) passive video switch SWP4031 Operation Manual (PDF)
TLR500 Video Title Generator TLR500 Operation Manual (PDF)
VDA124RM 1 in, 24 out Video Distribution Amplifier VDA124RM – VDA212RM Operation Manual (PDF)
VDA212RM 1 in, 12 out Dual Video Distribution Amplifier VDA124RM – VDA212RM Operation Manual (PDF)
VDA106 1 in 6 out Video Distribution Amplifier VDA106 Operation Manual (PDF)
VDA206 1 in 6 out Video Distribution Amplifier VDA206 Operation Manual (PDF)
VDA403 1 in 3 out RGBS Video Distribution Amplifier VDA403 Operation Manual (PDF)
VMU300A Video Measurement Unit (Video Scaler) VMU300/VMU300A Operation Manual (PDF) VMU300/VMU400 Operation Manual (PDF)
VP300 Video Pointer VP300 Operation Manual (PDF)
VSC300 Video Stop Clock (Video Stop Watch) VSC300/VSC400 Operation Manual (PDF)
VT300 Video Time-Date Generator / Stop Clock VT300/VT400 Operation Manual (PDF)
Product Operation and Interface Manuals for Obsolete Products
Product Replaced By Manual Link
C1051/ Model I HR See Current Camera Line-up C1051 Operation Manual (PDF)
C2051 / Model I RGB See Current Camera Line-up C2051 Operation Manual (PDF)
CA1061 See Current Camera Line-up CA1062 Operation Manual (PDF)
CA1063 See Current Camera Line-up CA1063 Operation Manual (PDF)
CA2063 See Current Camera Line-up CA2063 Operation Manual (PDF)
CA1091 See Current Camera Line-up CA1091 Operation Manual (PDF)
CA1093 See Current Camera Line-up CA1093 Operation Manual (PDF)
CA2093 See Current Camera Line-up CA2093 Operation Manual (PDF)
CC1093 CC2093 See Current Camera Line-up CC1093 Operation Manual (PDF) CC2093 Operation Manual (PDF)
CBG310 Replaced by CBG350 Color Bar Generator CBG310 Operation Manual (PDF) BL-CBG310 Board Level Color Bar Generator Guide (PDF)
CBG410 Replaced by CBG450 RGB Color Bar Generator  
CL340 CL740 Replaced by CL5400A CL340/CL740 Operation Manual (PDF)
CL3400 Replaced by CL5400A CL3400 Operation Manual (PDF)
CL741 Replaced by CL5400A CL741 Operation Manual (PDF)
D1071 Replaced by D113 Color Video Camera D1071 Operation Manual (PDF)
D1071A Replaced by D113 Color Video Camera D1071A? Operation Manual (PDF)
D1081 Replaced by D1081A Color Video Camera D1081 Operation Manual (PDF)
ENC400 Replaced by ENC400B Video Encoder ENC400 Operation Manual (PDF)
ENC400RM Replaced by ENC400B & Rack Mount Panel Option ENC400RM Operation Manual (PDF)
i308 See Current Camera Line-up i308 Operation Manual (PDF) ?[quick reference guide included]
MPX100 Replaced by PXD510E & cameras MPX100 Operation Manual (PDF)
MPX100P Replaced by PXD510E & cameras MPX100P [PAL Version] Operation Manual (PDF)
MPX309 MPX709 Replaced by PXD510E & cameras MPX309/MPX709 Operation Manual (PDF)
PG300 PG700 Replaced by PG311 & PG314 Pattern Generator PG300/PG700 Operation Manual (PDF)
PG301 PG401 Replaced by PG311 & PG314 Pattern Generator PG301/PG401 Operation Manual (PDF)
PG305 PG405 Replaced by PG315 Pattern Generator PG305/PG405 Operation Manual (PDF)
PX100EX PX300EX PX100BW Replaced by PXD510E Split Screen/Fader PX100EX, PX300EX, PX100BW Operation Manual (PDF)
PX101EX PX101M1 PX101XC PX201EX Replaced by PXD510E Split Screen/Fader PX101EX/PX101M1/PX101XC/PX201EX Operation Manual (PDF)
PX101EXP PX101M1P PX101XCP PX201EXP Replaced by PXD510E Split Screen/Fader PX101EXP/PX101M1P/PX101XCP/PX201EXP PIX/2 Operation Manual [PAL Version] (PDF)
PXD310E PXD310C2 Replaced by PXD510E Split Screen/Fader PXD310E/PXD310C2 Series DSP PIX/2 (PDF) PXD310E/PXD310C2 RS232 Serial Control Protocol V3.0 (PDF)
SA1093 Replaced by numerous cameras SA1093 Operation Manual (PDF)
SA2093 Replaced by numerous cameras SA2093 Operation Manual (PDF)
SWA1041 SWA2041 Replaced by SWA5141 Video Switch Replaced by SWA5241 Video Switch SWA1041/SWA2041 Operation Manual (PDF)
SWP1061 No Replacement SWP1061 Operation Manual (PDF)
SWP2061 No Replacement SWP2061 Operation Manual (PDF)
TLR300 TLR400 Replaced by TLR500 Video Titler TLR300/TLR400 Operation Manual (PDF)
TT300 TT700 Replaced by TLR500 & VT300 Titler & Timer TT300/TT700 Operation Manual (PDF)
VDA116RM Replaced by VDA124RM VDA VDA116RM Operation Manual (PDF)
VP103 VP203 Replaced by VP300/VP400 Video Pointers VP103/VP203 Operation Manual (PDF)
Manuals for older products may be available in hardcopy form at an additional cost. Contact MicroImage Video Systems for availability. Please have model number and serial number ready when calling or include both when emailing.