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MicroImage Video Systems offers variety of standard and custom solutions for the following applications.


  • Non Contact Measuring – for applications where it is not possible or desirable to contact the object being measured.
  • Microscopic Measuring – an excellent way to measure very small objects in a microscope.
  • Remote Measuring – being able to measure by video in an area that is non-accessible.
  • Machine Tool Measuring – testing for accurate machining and etching of features to small too be physically measured.
  • Circuit Board Inspection & Conformity.
  • Go/No-Go Testing using line generators.

Video Inspection

  • Looking for Small Defects
  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Circuit Board Inspection

Test Signal Generation

  • Cable Testing – MicroImage Video Systems provides basic video test signal generators for cable testing.
  • Monitor Testing – A simple color bar display can easily verify if all of the color channels of a monitor are functioning.
  • Automated Test Systems – MicroImage Video Systems has built a number of custom systems that will either change patterns on their own (timed) or can be changed on demand from the test controller system,
  •  Specialized Test Signals – In these systems, the customer defined a special test signal unique to their application.

Split Screen and Quad Displays

  • Reduce cabling and monitors in highway & tunnel systems for increased efficiency and lower cost
  • Reduce System Bandwidth with split screen
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Court Arraignment System Displays

Timing Systems

  • Sports timing
  • Process Timing
  • Hoagie Timing, a fun and unique application