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VIS310 Video Inspection Station with Measuring


Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)


Video Inspection Stations are available with?or without on-screen measurement capabilities?and offer?an excellent way to evaluate or test small works or items in?difficult to access locations.? As todays electronic and mechanical systems keep getting smaller, it becomes impossible to test or measure these products with traditional methods. For many applications, from development to production testing, video based inspection can help maintain quality control. Many of these systems are used in labs for development or used in production for testing production samples.

Video inspection helps locate problems quickly and the detail image means more defects or problems will be caught before it is too late. Inspection systems can also be used in production environments, to either check precision quality or to aid in the actual manufacturing.

Video inspection systems can greatly reduce operator eye strain and back fatigue as the large image on a monitor is much easier to view from a comfortable distance, rather than looking through an optical?magnifier. Reduced fatigue can?often result in improve productivity, better quality and a much happier employee.

Measurement options improve the abilities of the system by allowing accurate measurements to be made with the video systems. The measuring of small items such as holes in metal or the features of a?printed circuit board are difficult or even impossible with traditional measuring tools. Video based systems can allow measurements?to be done?quickly and accurately.

Micrometers have been used for many years as the primary means for measuring small objects. Video based micrometers, or calipers are replacing traditional micrometers due to their ease of?use, quicker operation and the ability to interface with the measurement data. In many applications where the items are too small, video measuring is the go-to solution. It?is also the preferred solution for non-contact measuring in situations where the object cannot be physically contacted or must remain very clean.

On?the larger end of the scale, video measuring is commonly used in pipe inspection systems to determine restriction size or deflection of the structure.

High Definition versions are also available.

MicroImage Video Systems also offers inspection systems for Microscopes that offer the same easy to use and high performance of the systems above, but do not include the stand, lens or lens adapter.

Additional configurations are available in combination with other MicroImage Video Systems products.

The VIS310 Video Inspection Station includes:

  • Standard Definition NTSC video camera
  • MicroImage Video Measurement Unit (Video Caliper/Micrometer) model VMU300 or VMU310
  • 6:1 Quality Zoom Lens
  • Lens Adapter Ring
  • Pole Stand
  • Focus Mount
  • 22 inch hi-definition video display
  • BNC connecting cables to connect the camera, measurement unit and monitor
  • All power adapters

Additional information

Measuring Capbility

Inspection Only, With Measuring Capability