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The ENC400B is an RGB to NTSC video and S-Video encoder designed for industrial video applications. The ENC400B is especially useful for recording the signal from one of the new generation cameras that do not produce NTSC video or S-Video signals. The color subcarrier is locked to the horizontal frequency using advanced phase locked loop techniques. High signal bandwidth is maintained on both the composite and S-Video outputs. The sync signal can be applied as an external signal or can be present on the green channel.

The unit is compatible with video sources that generate 0.714Vpp analog RGB video and operate very close to 15.734Khz horizontal frequency. RGB inputs and the NTSC video output are standard BNC connectors while the S-Video output is a standard 4 pin mini-DIN type.

Power for the encoder is provided by the 12VDC wall plug transformer (included). The ENC400B can also be powered from a clean 12VDC negative ground source. A universal 100-240 volt power supply is also available as an option.

The RK133 is a rack mount kit that holds three units. Blank panels are available to fill the opening when less than three units are mounted in the rack mount frame.

Custom and board level versions (BL- ENC400B) are available for OEM and VAR applications. The ENC400B replaces the models ENC400 and ENC400A.

Note: For the ENC400B to work correctly, the video source MUST have a horizontal frequency of 15.734Khz +/-1Hz. If the RGB source has a horizontal frequency that is outside this range, the ENC400B will produce a B&W display on a monitor or no display at all. This is due to the exacting standards of the NTSC video system. Many video sources such as RGB video cameras will have the correct frequency. We ask that you check your equipment before purchasing an ENC400B. Thank you.

The ENC400B can be powered from a +12VDC, negative ground power source. A Universal 120-230V power supply is included with cased units. For OEM applications, MicroImage Video Systems can provide board level product or private labeling. The ENC400 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

A Rack mounting kit is available as an option.

Printable Literature

Operation Manual

Key Specifications

Input Signals Red, Green, Blue and Sync (non-looping, 75 ohm terminated)
  Levels RGB – 0.714Vpp typical, 1.0Vpp  max non-comp, 75 ohm
Sync – 0.3 to 4Vpp typical, 75 ohm
  Connectors BNC Female (4)
Output Signals NTSC composite video and S-Video (YC)
  Levels 1Vpp composite video typical into 75 ohm (NTSC)
  Connector BNC Female (1)
Modulation R-Y and B-Y axes
Genlock Combination Analog & Digital Synthesis
Sync External or Sync on Green (internally selectable)
Video System NTSC
H Frequency 15.734KHz
V Frequency 59.95Hz
Chroma Frequency 3.579545Mhz
Resolution Greater than 400 lines (Y)
  Operating 0 – 50 deg. C  (32  – 122 deg. F)
  Storage -40 – 60 deg C (-40 – 140 deg F)
  Operating 10% – 90% (non-condensing)
  Storage 0% – 95% (non-condensing)
Power +12VDC (11-20V) negative ground
(120VAC 60 Hz universal power supply provided, suitable for most areas)
Dimensions (cased) 5.6″ x 4.1″ x 1.6″ (142 x 104 x 40 mm)
Weight (cased) 12 oz. (227g)
Country of Origin Designed and manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Power Supply Country of Origin Taiwan or China
Cased units come with a universal power supply (USA style power cord) and operation manual.
Board level products do not include a power supply module.
Prices & specifications are subject to change without notice