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CL8800 HD 8 Line Crosshair / Line Generator


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Precision CrossLine or Crosshair Generators from MicroImage Video Systems are designed for relative size measuring, positioning and size referencing. The CL8800 series is especially helpful in industrial, metallurgical or forensic applications where comparisons in relative position or size are important.

The CL8800 has four X and four Y moveable lines. The lines can be set to black or white and each line can be turned off or on individually. Lines may be changed from solid to serrated with one of many lines styles. A lock switch is provided for each of the four controls to prevent accidental movement.

Line movement can be set to fully independent, tracking mode or mirror mode with front panel switches. In tracking mode, one control moves the position of both lines (without affecting spacing) and the other sets the spacing between lines by moving only one line. In mirror mode, one control moves the position of both lines (without affecting spacing) and the other sets the spacing between lines by moving one line in each direction (maintaining the center point).

The user may choose between line mode or box mode. In line mode, the lines extend to the full height or width of the screen while in box made, the lines are cropped to form a box. When switching between line and box mode, the line positions do not change.

The CL8800 model incorporates a state of the art digitally generated line system which maximizes precision and repeatability without any internal adjustments. The high quality, sealed, multi-turn optical encoders allow the lines or box to be moved over the entire image area with maximum accuracy. The optical encoders allow a very high degree of precision without any of the jitter commonly associated with multi-turn potentiometer controls. Even after aging several years, the optical encoders maintain their performance and remain free of jitter, while the older potentiometer based technology used by others typically become noisier which appears as additional jitter.

The CL8800 is designed to work with HDMI and DVI-D progressive scan video. The unit will automatically lock to the proper input signal. The CL8800 series models utilize a +12VDC power supply and can be used in mobile applications. Board level, units without controls and other models are available for OEM applications.

A new and extensive RS-232 Remote Control is provided to control or query virtually every aspect of the CL8800 operation. The MicroImage Control Language used for this unit is simple to understand and easy to implement in custom programs, using ASCII characters. The remote functionality is fully integrated and woks in conjunction with all controls and menus. RS-232 remote control and front panel operation can operate concurrently and the remote port can see any changes made via the front panel.

A Rack mounting kit is available as an option. RoHS products are available for those countries that require units with RoHS compliance. RoHS units are lead-free.

The CL8800 is available completely packaged (cased) or as a board level product for OEM applications. Power is provided by a universal desktop power supply (included with cased products) or it can be operated from +12VDC (negative ground). Board level products do not include the power supply and a 12VDC power source must be provided.  The unit is packaged in a durable metal enclosure with plastic end bezels. Board Level, OEM and Custom products are also available. Please contact MicroImage Engineering for additional information.

The CL8800 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

Printable Literature

Operation Manual

Serial Interface Manual

Key Specifications

Lines/Boxes Up to 8 lines (4 X, 4 Y) or two boxes
Front panel controls (4) Line position controls (2 X and 2 Y) multi-turn, precision sealed, optical encoders
Front panel switches (11 total) control lock (4), track mode on/off, mirror mode on/off, box/line mode, display on/off, bank select (B/W), setup,  power
Origin Selectable upper left or lower left
Line Locks Individual for each line
Line Movement Modes Independent, tracking and mirror movement
Serration settings more than 250 variations plus solid and line off
Colors Each can be set to one of over 200 colors
Line Types Box or full screen line modes
Remote port EIA-232 (RS-232) 9600 baud, 8N1, no handshaking
Data format MicroImage Control Language 4, CL8800 version
X axis line width 1, 2 or 3 pixels
Y axis line width 1, 2 or 3 pixels
Line Resolution Based on source signal, one pixel
Adjustment range 98% of raster minimum
Sync system Embedded from source video
Input Levels HDMI or DVI-D progressive scan
Output Levels HDMI or DVI-D progressive scan
  Video HDMI female connector
  Power 2.1mm coaxial barrel connector
  RS232 9 pin D-sub Female
  Operating 0 deg – 50 deg C (32 deg – 122 deg F)
  Storage -40 deg – 60 deg C (-40 deg – 140 deg F)
  Operating 10% – 90% (non-condensing)
  Storage 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
  Voltage +12VDC (+10 to +25V), (100-240V, 50/60Hz power adapter included with cased units)
  Consumption 300mA typical at 12VDC, 350mA max. power on, 3mA typical at 12VDC, power off
  Protection Automatic electronic fuse, internal, self resetting
Size (cased) 7.5″ (W) x 5.6″ (D) x 2.6″ (H)
190mm (W) x 142mm (D) x 66mm (H)
Weight 1lb. 6oz. (625g)
Country of Origin Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Power Supply Country of Origin Taiwan or China
The CL8800 series is designed and manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems, Boyertown, PA, USA
Cased units come with a universal power supply (USA style power cord) and operation manual.
Board level products do not include a power supply module.
Specifications are subject to change without notice