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CBG520 Color Bar Generator with Text


Only 5 left in stock (can be backordered)

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The CBG520 provides a quality color bar generator with a unique text overlay system. The text can be used to annotate the color bar signal for test purposes. The labeled color bars can be used as a source identification (source ID) or to display a simple message.

The CBG520 is ideal for applications where there are multiple sources that require identification. The overlay text can be as simple as one short phrase or can use the full 20 lines with 32 characters in each line. Characters may be in one of eight colors. The block background behind each character can be applied in one of eight colors plus transparent. A blink/flash function is available on a character by character basis to quickly get attention.

The unit can be used in two ways, one with the keyboard connected so text can be easily changed. The other is to connect the keyboard once, type the required text and remove the keyboard. In this case, the unit will remember the text on each power up (unless the power on clear is enabled).

The CBG520 operates with NTSC and PAL video standards. It generates both composite and S-video signals which can be used simultaneously. The CBG520 can operate from a 5VDC power supply for mobile applications. A power supply is included with packaged units. Many PS/2 style keyboards will work with the CBG520 and a compact PS/2 keyboard is available as an option from MicroImage Video Systems. Please note that USB interface keyboards will NOT operate with this unit.

The CBG520 is available as a packaged or board level product. Board level units do not include the power supply and a 5VDC regulated power source must be provided. The standard board level units with a -01 suffix includes the standard video connectors from the packaged products. For OEM applications, we can provide units with header style and other connection types. Custom designed or modified versions are also available. MicroImage Video Systems has designed many custom derivatives of the standard color bar generator to meet the special needs of different applications. We would be glad to help with your application. We have also provided product at the chip level as well. Quantity discounts are available.

The CBG520 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty. All CBG520 units and KB5 are RoHS compatible.

Printable Literature

Operation Manual

Key Specifications

Output level 1 Vpp Composite, 75 ohm (Y, video), 0.286 Vpp burst level, 75 ohm (chroma)
Connectors BNC female (Video),? 4 pin mini-DIN female (S-Video)
(Keyboard) 6 pin Mini-DIN (PS/2) front panel mounted
Video System NTSC/RS-170 or PAL/CCIR (internal switch selected)
Vertical Frequency NTSC – 59.94Hz, PAL 50Hz – Interlaced 2:1
Horizontal Frequency NTSC – 15.73426Khz, PAL 15.625Khz
Chroma Frequency NTSC – 3.579545Mhz, PAL – 4.43361875Mhz
Scan Lines NTSC/RS-170 – 525 lines, PAL/CCIR – 625 lines
Character colors 8
Background colors 8 plus transparent
Pixel size 74nS (H) x 1 scan line (V)
Character size 16 x 20 pixels
Characters 640 per page (32h by 20v)
Display pages 1
Front Panel Switches 2, Power and Text display on/off
Front Panel LEDs 2, Power (green) and Text display (red)
Non-Volatile Memory EEPROM
Back-up Time 50+ years
System Processor 16/32 bit
Display Controller Custom MicroImage Video Integrated Display Controller
Keyboard Interface PS/2, compatible with most AT type keyboards
Remote Interface None
Temperature – Operating 0? – 50? C (32? – 122? F)
Temperature – Storage -40? – 70? C (-40? – 158? F)
Humidity Operating 10% – 90% (non-condensing), Storage 5% – 95% (non-condensing)
Power – Voltage +5 VDC (4.75 to 5.25 VDC)
Power – Consumption 350mA without keyboard
Size 4.15″ (W) x 4.43″ (D) x 1.13″ (H), 105 mm (W) x 113 mm (D) x 29 mm (H)
Weight 8 oz (226 g)
Power Supply 120-240VAC 50-60Hz, 2 prong USA plug (USA RoHS version)
120-240VAC 50-60Hz, 3 prong with changeable prongs (European RoHS version)
Output 5VDC regulated 1A or greater
Country of Origin Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Power Supply Country of Origin Power supply is manufactured in Taiwan or China