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BL-TLR500-01 Video Titler Board


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The MicroImage Video Systems model TLR500 Video Titler provides an easy method to place text over a video image. The TLR500 will display a single page of characters arranged as 32 characters in each of the 20 rows.

Video Titlers are typically used to overlay text on a live video image. Common applications include placing notes or data over an image, referencing a case number, a patients name & ID number or labeling an object in the field of view. Displaying information about each camera source can also be critical in some security applications.

The TLR500 provides a character set that has been designed for ease of viewing. It is ideally suited for scientific and industrial applications. The characters are well formed, yet small enough that they take up little area on the display, leaving more of the video image visible. The character set records well onto tape or digital media.

Each character may be one of eight colors and the background of each character may be one of eight colors or transparent, which allows the video to be visible. Color characters are available for both S-Video and composite.

The TLR500 provides a variety of features to make title generation easier. Text on a line can be centered, left justified or right justified. The screen can be easily cleared. Simple menus using the keyboard are used to set the operating parameters.

The TLR500 will operate with S-Video, composite and B&W video signals. It will automatically detect the video input connection and it will automatically detect NTSC or PAL operation.

This product is also offered as a board level product or can be provided with private labeling. We can also manufacture customized derivatives to meet your application.

The TLR500 operates with NTSC and PAL video standards. It generates both composite and S-video signals which can be used simultaneously. The TLR500 can operate from a 5VDC power supply for mobile applications. A power supply is included with packaged units. Many PS/2 style keyboards will work with the TLR500 and a compact PS/2 keyboard is available as an option from MicroImage Video Systems. Please note that USB interface keyboards will NOT operate with this unit.

The TLR500 is available as a packaged or board level product. Board level units do not include the power supply and a 5VDC regulated power source must be provided. The standard board level units with a -01 suffix includes the standard video connectors from the packaged products. For OEM applications, we can provide units with header style and other connection types. Custom designed or modified versions are also available. MicroImage Video Systems has designed custom derivatives of the standard TLR series to meet the special needs of different applications. We would be glad to help with your application. We have also provided product at the chip level as well. Quantity discounts are available.

The TLR500 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty. All TLR500 units and KB5 are RoHS compatible.

Printable Literature

Operation Manual

Key Specifications

Display colors
Foreground (8) Black, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Yellow, White
Note: 8 shades of gray for B&W video & PAL/CCIR systems
Background (9) Black, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Yellow, White, Transparent; Note: 8 shades of gray for B&W video & PAL/CCIR systems plus transparent
Characters per page 640 (32 columns x 20 rows)
Pages 1 (640 characters)
Keyboard type Standard PS/2 style with AT interface
Character cell display 16×20 pixel cell, interlaced (H x V)
Non-volatile memory type System data – EEPROM
Backup Life 50 years typical at room temperature up to 1,000,000 write cycles
System microprocessor 16/32 bit
Text generation Digitally generated with MicroImage custom circuit
Display controller Custom MicroImage Video Integrated Display Controller
Front panel switches (2 total) Power, Display On/Off
Front Panel Indicators (2) Power (green), Display on (red)
Pixels NTSC/RS170: 74 nS x 1 scan line (720×480)
PAL/CCIR: 74 nS (Narrow) x 1 scan line (720×588)
Adjustment range 98% of raster minimum
Sync system
(auto detect)
NTSC/RS170 (North American Timing)
PAL/CCIR (European Timing)
Chroma Frequency NTSC/RS170 – 3.579545Mhz, PAL/CCIR – 4.43361875Mhz
Horizontal Frequency NTSC/RS170 – 15.734Khz, PAL/CCIR – 15.625Khz
Vertical Timing NTSC/RS170 – 59.94Hz, PAL/CCIR – 50Hz
Scan Lines NTSC/RS170 – 525 Total, PAL/CCIR – 625 Total
Bandwidth Greater than 6 Mhz
Input Levels auto detect
Composite 1.0Vpp composite, 75 ohm
S-Video 1.0Vpp (Y), 0.286Vpp burst (C), 75 ohm
Output Levels
Composite Same as respective input, +/-5% into 75 Ohm
S-Video Same as respective input, +/-5% into 75 Ohm
  Composite Video BNC Female
S-Video 4 pin mini-DIN Female (std. S-Video connector)
Keyboard 6 pin mini-DIN (PS/2 style) front panel mounted.
  Operating 0 deg ~ 50 deg C (32 deg – 122deg F)
Storage -40 deg ~ 70 deg C (-40 deg – 158 deg F)
  Operating 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Storage 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Power Universal Adapter included with NTSC/RS-170 units
Voltage 5VDC (+/-5% max.)
Consumption 350mA not including keyboard power requirements
Size 4.15″ (W) x 4.43″ (D) x 1.13″ (H)
105 mm (W) x 113 mm (D) x 29 mm (H)
Weight 8 oz., (226g)
Country of Origin Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Power Supply
Input 120-240VAC 50-60Hz, 2 prong USA Connection
Output 5VDC regulated 1A or greater
Power Supply Country of Origin Manufactured in Taiwan or China
Specifications are subject to change without notice