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VP820 Hi-Definition Video Pointer


Available on backorder


This High-Definition VP820 series of video based pointing devices from MicroImage Video Systems,?many of the expected features of our?standard definition versions but also adds many new features as well. These units incorporate substantial digital signal processing and timing for solid performance. These new pointers will work with most HDMI and DVI progressive video systems.

Video pointers are commonly used in presentations, classrooms, video instruction, surgery and forensic documentation to highlight a specific item on the display. They are especially useful when an image is displayed on more than one monitor, since the pointer can be active on all monitors at the same time. Video pointers are also used in applications where viewers/personel must be kept at a distance, such as surgery or remote testing. As opposed to traditional methods of pointing (finger, laser/stick pointers or grease pencil), the electronic image of the video pointer is easily recorded, printed or captured to a?file .

The video pointer allows the user to place an arrow, box, or circle symbol on the video display and move it to virtually any position with a joystick control. Each shape is available in many sizes for maximum flexibility. Arrows may also be rotated to one of eight directions. Selecting the shape, size and rotation is very easy.

The pointer arrow display may have an optional fill enabled, which will make it appear more prominent on the display. There are over 200 colors to choose from.

The symbol may be turned on or off at any time, simply by pressing a switch on the front panel. Turning off the display allows the video signal to pass through, but the symbol will not be displayed on the screen. The symbols can also be made to flash by pressing the “flash” switch, thereby drawing attention to the selected portion of the image.

The VP820 also includes a scale display. The scale display may be turned off or on independently from the main pointer image. The scale text can be set to off, 1um, 5um, 10um, 50um, 100um or 500um. The size of the scale marker can be adjusted to correspond to the feature size in the display image. The scale & text may be set to one of over 200 colors.

The VP820 includes 10 user memory settings to quickly return to previous settings.

The VP820 will operate from a +12VDC (+10 to 20VDC) power source. A wall unit power supply is included with each unit.

Rack mount and RoHS units are not available for this product.

The VP820 is available packaged (in a case) or as a board level product for OEM applications. Power is provided by a universal desktop power supply (included with cased products) or it can be operated from +12VDC (negative ground).?The cased unit is packaged in a durable metal enclosure. Board Level, OEM and Custom products are also available. Please contact MicroImage Engineering for additional information.

Board level products are also available. Please inquire with MicroImage Video Systems for additional information. The board level base part number is BL-VP820. Board level products do not include the power supply and a 12VDC (10-20VDC)?power source must be provided.

The VP820 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

Printable Literature

Operation Manual


Key Specifications

Symbols Provided
48 to 252 pixels, eight directions
48 to 252 pixels
48 to 252 pixels
48 to 252 pixels
48 to 252 pixels
Joystick positioner
Symbol select
Symbol size
Symbol rotation (arrow)
Symbol flash on-off
Symbol color
Symbol outline color
Symbol on-off
Color bars on-off
Power on-off
Input Levels HDMI/ DVI-D
Output Levels HDMI/ DVI-D
HDMI female connector
2.1mm coaxial barrel connector
Matte Colors More than 200 choices available
Non-Volatile Memory type EEPROM
System Microprocessor 32 bit
Display controller Custom MicroImage HD Video Integrated Display Controller
Image/Sprite Size (pixels) Up to 252 x 252 pixels
Remote Interface Not available
0? – 50? C (32? – 122? F)
-40? – 60? C (-40? – 140? F)
10% – 90% (non-condensing)
0% – 95% (non-condensing)
Power Universal Adapter is included with NTSC/RS-170 units,ersal power supply
Voltage 12VDC (+9 to +20 VDC)
Consumption Approximately 230mA typical at +12VDC
Size 9.00″ (W) x 7.63″ (D) x 2.88″ (H)
229 mm (W) x 194 mm (D) x 73 mm (H)
Weight 1 lbs. 14 oz., (851g)
Country of Origin Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Power Supply Country of Origin Taiwan or China
The VP820 is designed and manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems, Boyertown, PA, USA.
Cased units include a universal power supply and operation manual.
Board level products do not include a power supply module.
Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice