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VMU310 Video Caliper


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VMU310  Video Measurement Unit (Caliper)
The VMU310 has been replaced by the VMU250. Please contact MicroImage Video Systems for more information. The VMU250 is in full production. See VMU250

New Features:

  • RS232 serial control port with selectable baud rates to control or receive extensive information from the VMU.
  • Ratio Display, the ratio of H/V a or V/H can be displayed on screen along with or independent from the dimension readings.
  • Widescreen Camera Correction, a very simple method to calibrate the VMU for non-square pixels, can correct for virtually any pixel aspect ratio.

These features are standard numbers 31032, earlier units can be factory upgraded with the ratio display and widescreen correction features.

The VMU310 has an extensive array of standard features which include:

  • Two rotary controls to make measuring much faster and simpler for the operator
  • Wide calibration range:  0.00000001 to 99999999, entry via keypad, available in any unit of measure
  • Wide measurement results range:  Approx. 0.000000001 to 71999999280
  • Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal Measurements, all visible at the same time (selectable)
  • H/V and V/H Ratio measurements (selectable)
  • Widescreen camera correction, very simple and only needs to be set once
  • Calibration entry via a numeric keypad
  • Extensive but still easy to use menu system to customize unit operation
  • Dedicated switches for often used functions
  • All settings are held in non-volatile memory so the unit powers up just as it was when turned off, even if accidently unpowered
  • Nine user memories with label function for easier recall
  • Extensive RS232 remote system, can control the unit or read back data from it
  • Real time Clock and Calendar may be optionally displayed with a variety of layout settings
  • Password protection to avoid tampering with calibration and system settings, yet still allow measurements to be made, several settings are available
  • 17 standard units of measure provided, plus 8 user programmable units of measure, up to 4 characters each
  • Can be calibrated on the X or the Y axis
  • Line origin can be set to upper left or lower left
  • Full Line or Box mode
  • Lines can be moved independently, paired (tracking) or mirrored (switch selectable), making measurement much easier.
  • Number of displayed digits (precision) can be selected for easier reading
  • Readout display can be set to one of over 200 colors
  • Lock function for each control, on each axis
  • Readout can easily be moved anywhere on screen
  • All digital processing for incredible repeatability and accuracy
  • Optical encoders avoid jitter problems for precise measurements
  • Mounted in a durable metal case with a sloped front that is comfortable for control operation.
  • RoHS Compliant (Lead Free)


The VMU series of video calipers from MicroImage Video Systems utilize extensive digital processing to maintain high accuracy and repeatability. Usable with most video standard definition video cameras, the VMU310 provides fast, efficient and affordable non-contact measurement. Units are compatible with NTSC/PAL/RS170 and CCIR video standards. The MicroImage VMU series of video measurement units are designed to be highly flexible and powerful, yet easy to use. Unlike analog based units, all mathematics are done digitally, allowing the VMU series to maintain consistent precision regardless of the scale factor. All lines are digitally rendered for solid, repeatable performance over time with virtually zero drift. High precision optical encoders are used for the position controls, eliminating jitter which can plague analog based measurement devices.

VMU310 units support both NTSC and PAL (as well as the common B&W RS170 and CCIR) video standards. The units will automatically detect the signal and adjust accordingly. S-Video signals are recommended over composite video for the highest performance.

Using the VMU is easy. A size reference is placed in the field of view and the cursors are moved to the reference dimensions. The calibration value is entered on the keypad and can be set to the X or Y axis. This provides far more range and precision than using a rotary control to set calibration. From this point on, the unit is calibrated, provided the distance to the object or magnification (zoom) doesn’t change. Nine memories are provided to store multiple calibrations for different optics/magnifiers, saving significant time. In addition, each memory can be labeled to make recall easier. The units remember all settings in non-volatile memory when turned off.

The readout display can be moved virtually anywhere on the screen. Any combination of x, y, diagonal, H/V ratio, V/H ratio measurements plus time and date can be displayed at the same time. The number of displayed digits can be limited to make reading easier in some applications. The color and background of the numeric display can be changed while the lines can be changed from black to gray to white with a front panel switch. Any line can independently be turned off, displayed as solid, or set to several different serrated effects for better visibility.

A number of additional features have been added to simplify day to day usage. Cursors may be moved fully independently, may be moved in pairs where one control moves both cursors on the same axis and the second control changes the spacing between them or use mirror movement where one control moves both lines and the other control adjusts the separation based on the center point between them. Each control may be independently locked to avoid inadvertent adjustment and there are separate locks for the X and the Y movement. Controls can also be independently locked from within the menu system, regardless of the state of the lock button as further protection against accidental change. The lines may be displayed full screen or can be displayed as a box on screen. A front panel bypass switch allows the user to quickly turn the line and readout display off or on as needed.

All VMU series products can be powered from a clean +12VDC, negative ground power source. A serial remote option is also available for use with automated systems. Contact MicroImage Video Systems for units that work with RGB Video signals. For OEM applications, MicroImage Video Systems can provide board level product, private labeling or even custom functions. The units are based on a new MicroImage Video platform which is highly flexible and programmable. All units carry a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

At MicroImage Video Systems we incorporate suggestions from customers when possible. Several customers suggested password protection so that calibration settings could not be changed. We added this capability to all production units with several levels of password protection. It also has a programmable auto time out feature. In the event a key is not pressed within a certain amount of time, the protection is automatically re-enabled. This is important in case it becomes forgotten after a setting is changed. Password protection can also be disabled for easy access in a safe environment.

An internal RS232 connection is present for custom and OEM applications. This allows for complete control of the VMU from a host. The port uses the MicroImage Control Protocol. Note that this port does not go to an external connector. Contact MicroImage Video Systems for this option.

The VMU310 improves on the VMU300 with digital processing and a wider range of calibration values, named memories and much more. The VMU310 uses very high quality, sealed optical encoders.

The VMU310 is RoHS compatible and utilizes lead-free processing.

The VMU310 is available packaged (cased) or as a board level product for OEM applications. Power is provided by a universal wall plug power supply (included with cased products) or it can be operated from +12VDC (negative ground). Board level products do not include the power supply and a 12VDC power source must be provided.  The unit is packaged in a durable metal enclosure. Board Level, OEM and Custom products are also available. Please contact MicroImage Engineering for additional information.

The VMU310 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

Printable Literature

Operation Manual

Key Specifications

Calibration Entry Range 0.00000001 to 99999999, entry via keypad
Numeric Display Range Approx. 0.000000001 to 71999999280
Line Resolution NTSC/RS170:720 x 480
PAL/CIR: 720 x 576
Significant Digits Selectable at 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
Scale Text Display Layout Row or Column
Calibration Axes Can be calibrated on X or Y axis
Measurement Axes Any combination of X, Y and Diagonal measurements
Scale Text Display Position Movable anywhere within 90% center of screen
B&W Select Automatic
Line Attributes Individually selectable as off, solid or 4 levels of serration per line
Rule Mode Full line or box display
User Memories 9, can be named with text display
User settable units of measure 8 (4 characters each)
Display colors More than 200
Foreground NTSC & PAL More than 200 colors can be selected
Background NTSC & PAL More than 200 colors can be selected
Character Cell Display 16×20 pixel cell, interlaced (HxV)
Non-Volatile Memory type EEPROM (20 year typical retention)
System Microprocessor 32 bit
Line Generation Digitally generated with custom circuit
Display controller Custom MicroImage Video Integrated Display Controller
Front panel controls (2) Line position controls, multi-turn precision, optical encoders
Front panel switches (25 total) Power, Lock 1, Lock 2, Track, Scale Position, Scale Set, Display On/Off, B/W, X/Y, Menu, Store, Recall,  0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, “.”, Backspace, Enter
Front Panel Indicators (10) Power, Lock 1 on, Lock 2 on, Track on, Scale Position on, Display on, X, Y, Store, Recall
X axis line width 37nS, 74nS or 111nS
Y axis line width 1 scan line, 2 scan lines. 3 scan lines
Adjustment range 98% of raster minimum
Sync system NTSC/RS170 (North American NTSC Timing)
PAL/CCIR (European Timing)
Automatic detection and switching
Color Processing Full digital processing
Chroma Frequency NTSC/RS170 – 3.579545Mhz, PAL/CCIR – 4.43361875Mhz
Horizontal Frequency NTSC/RS170 – 15.73426Khz, PAL/CCIR – 15.625Khz
Vertical Timing NTSC/RS170 – 59.94Hz, PAL/CCIR – 50Hz
Scan Lines NTSC/RS170 – 525 Total, PAL/CCIR – 625 Total
Genlock Precision Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
Bandwidth CCIR601 standard, 720 pixel
Input Levels
Composite 1.0Vpp composite, 75 ohm
S-Video 1.0Vpp (Y), 0.286Vpp burst (C), 75 ohm
Output Levels
Composite Same as respective input, +/-5% into 75 Ohm
S-Video Same as respective input, +/-5% into 75 Ohm
Composite BNC Female
S-Video 4 pin mini-DIN Female (std. S-Video connector)
RS232 (internal connection only)
Operating 0 deg ~ 50 deg C (32 deg – 122 deg F)
Storage -40 deg ~ 60 deg C (-40 deg – 140 deg F)
Operating 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Storage 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Power Power supply module included with all cased units.
Voltage 12VDC (Will operate from approximately +9 to +20 VDC)
Consumption Approximately 300mA typical at +12VDC

9.00″ (W) x 7.63″ (D) x 2.88″ (H)
229 mm (W) x 194 mm (D) x 73 mm (H)


1 lbs. 14 oz., (851g)

Country of Origin

Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems

Power Supply Country of Origin Taiwan or China
The VMU310 is designed and manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems, Boyertown, PA, USA.
Cased units come with a universal power supply (including several adapters for common country power systems) and operation manual.
Board level products do not include a power supply module.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.