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AN010 Application Note

Choosing the best camera and video sources for PIX/2 DSP systems
?? J. Styer, May 22, 2003


Applies to products: PXD310E, PXD510E, PXD520, PXQ524, PXQ540

While the PXD310/PXD510 series will work with almost any video camera or other source, here are some suggestions for maintaining the best possible performance.

?Both cameras or video sources must be NTSC or both must be PAL, they cannot be mixed.
?When using two identical cameras, the cable lengths from the camera to the PIX/2 DSP should be identical. The PIX/2 DSP has enough sensitivity to display the loss in a 6 foot cable verses a 3 foot cable.
?Either camera can be composite, S-Video.
?Consumer cameras and camcorders, even of the same model, may not always look identical to each other. Sometimes not even close.
?Don’t expect two cameras from any manufacturer to be absolutely identical. Some may be better than others but there are always minor variations. Try to choose two cameras of the same model from the same manufacturer with very close serial numbers if possible.
?Professional or Industrial grade DSP cameras are recommended for closest matching. The DSP processing makes them less prone to drift and there is far less variation in components and setup procedures used by the manufacturer.
?If using a VCR as one or both of the video sources, choose the best grade possible. Digital VCRs and camcorders will provide the best signal quality from tape.
?If you are using standard VHS model, the SP (2 hour) mode will provide a better signal than the slower recording modes (LP, SLP, EP). S-VHS and Hi-8 models may provide higher resolution.
?Always adjust the tracking properly for optimal performance. Most newer models have digital auto tracking but sometimes manual adjustment can improve the picture quality.
?While the PXD310/PXD510 can normally lock to even very bad video signals, there may be times when the signal is so bad that the unit cannot lock. Overall, the PIX/2 DSP? system is very robust and has good performance with even bad tapes and poor tracking.