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Video Timers and Stop Clocks



VSC300 Video Stop Clock (stopwatch)

The VSC300 is a flexible video stop clock with a precision up to 1/10,000 second (selectable). The unit can be started, stopped, reset and have the display frozen while counting continues. A variety of split modes are programmable. Start, Stop, Reset and Freeze may be controlled from the front panel or via a wired remote control switch input (user supplied remote controls).
Operates with: composite & S-video, NTSC & PAL (auto-detect)
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VT300 Video Time-Date Generator with Video Stop Clock (stopwatch)

The VT300 has all of the stop clock features of the VSC300 and also adds a time-date display. The flexible format and layout allows for hundreds of combinations to set how the display is rendered with different month-day-year ordering and optional suppression of unneeded items.
Operates with: composite & S-video, NTSC & PAL (auto-detect)
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