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VSC300 Video Stop Watch


The VSC300 is a high performance video stop clock, also known as a video timer. Additionally, it can also act as an on screen event counter. The VSC300 has a long list of standard features. The VSC300 is designed to support B&W, composite and S-Video (YC) signals.

Display accuracy is selectable and can be set as precise as 1/10,000 second. Maximum count time is 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59.9999 seconds (99:59:59.9999). The display can be moved anywhere within the active display area of the screen. The numeric display may optionally have a background to make the characters legible on "busy" backgrounds. The characters can be set to one of eight colors. Character size is relatively small yet very crisp and can be easily read during tape playback.

As a stand alone unit (remote control not used), the VSC300 can act as a simple timer or stop clock. Using the front panel controls, the clock may be stopped, started, reset and the display can be frozen while continuing to count. Several types of split mode timing are available. While using the front panel controls, the unit has a 1/30 second (33mS) resolution.

The extended capabilities of the VSC300 can be realized by using the external control inputs. These inputs are designed to interface easily to logic levels (3V or 5V), switches, relays, or virtually any other contact closure. Each input can be programmed for normal or inverted logic or have a digital noise filter applied as well. The noise filter timing is programmable to work with different types of control sources. When the external inputs are used, the resolution of the VSC300 can be as precise as 1/10,000 second.

An additional mode also allows the VSC300 to be used as an event counter. Items may be counted with a front panel switch or by using the external inputs. When using the external inputs, the logic polarity and noise filter period can both be controlled. The counter may be reset and the display frozen at any time. When used as a counter, the unit will count from 0 up to 9,999,999,999.

The timer/counter display may be turned on or off at any time, without affecting the count, simply by pressing the display switch on the front panel. Turning off the display switch allows the video signal from the source (such as a camera) to pass through but it does not display the timer / counter image on the screen. Additional front panel switches change the character color and background. The numeric display can be easily positioned virtually anywhere on the screen via the front panel switches. Options are set through an easy to use, on screen menu system and reside in nonvolatile memory when power is off.

The VSC300 is NTSC and PAL compatible. It will automatically detect the input timing and adjust for NTSC/RS170 or PAL/CCIR video signals.

The VSC300 can be powered from a +12VDC, negative ground power source. A Universal 120-230V power supply is included with cased units. For OEM applications, MicroImage Video Systems can provide board level product or private labeling. The VT300 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty.

A Rack mounting kit is available as an option.


Additional Information Links

VSC300 Printable Literature (PDF)
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Application Note 3 - NTSC vs. PAL Video
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Ordering Information


Video Stop Watch

Includes power supply & manual

$795.00 ea.




Rack Mount Frame - 1U, size 1W, 1 unit

Holds one (1) VSC300 (or other 1W sized) product. RoHS compliant.

$79.00 ea.




Rack Mount Frame - 1U, size 1W, 2 units

Holds two (2) VSC300 (or other 1W sized) product. RoHS compliant.

$79.00 ea.




Rack Mount Blank Panel - 1W size.

Will cover one hole in an RK122 rack mount frame. RoHS compliant.

$13.00 ea.



Key Specifications

Stop Clock Fractional Display Precision Selectable tenths of seconds (0.9), hundredths of seconds (0.99), thousandths of seconds (0.999) and ten thousandths of seconds (0.9999)
Stop Clock Hours display Hours can be set to display 0, 1 or 2 digits
Stop Clock Maximum Elapsed Time Up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59.9999 seconds
Stop Clock Accuracy 0.006% Max (high accuracy available, contact factory)
Switch de-bounce (front panel) Approximately 30mS de-bounce delay time
Stop Clock Remote Capability Start/Stop, Reset and Freeze controls may be remote activated via a hard wired connection
Stop Clock Remote Filtering Selectable to one of four rates, affect all remote inputs
Display Position Movable anywhere within 90% center of screen
B&W Select Menu setting to remove chroma (color) from composite video to support B&W video
Color Bars Monochrome only for PAL/CCIR systems and all B&W systems. Color for all other system formats.
Display colors
Foreground (8) Black, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Yellow, White
Note: 8 shades of gray for B&W video & PAL/CCIR systems
Background (9)Black, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green, Cyan, Yellow, White, Transparent; Note: 8 shades of gray for B&W video & PAL/CCIR systems
Character Cell Display 16x20 pixel cell, interlaced (HxV)
Non-Volatile Memory type EEPROM
System Microprocessor 16/32 bit
Text Generation Digitally generated with custom circuit
Display controller Custom MicroImage Video Integrated Display Controller
Front panel switches (9 total) Power, Start, Stop, Reset, Freeze, Display, CBG, Position, Menu
Front Panel Indicators (8) Power, Start, Stop, Freeze, Display, Color Bars, Position, Menu
Sync system NTSC/RS170 (North American NTSC Timing)
PAL/CCIR (European Timing) Optional "P" models
Color Processing NTSC/RS170 (composite video and S-Video)
PAL/CCIR composite units will pass a color image but will not display  bars, menus or dimensions in color. Gray scale overlay only.
Chroma Frequency NTSC - 3.579545Mhz, PAL - Not Applicable
Horizontal Frequency NTSC/RS170 - 15.73226Khz, PAL/CCIR - 15.625Khz
Vertical Timing NTSC/RS170 - 59.94Hz, PAL/CCIR - 50Hz
Scan Lines NTSC/RS170 - 525 Total, PAL/CCIR - 625 Total
Genlock    Precision Phase Locked Loop (PLL), square pixel
Bandwidth Greater than 30 Mhz
Input Levels
Composite 1.0Vpp composite, 75 ohm (VT300 only)
S-Video 1.0Vpp (Y), 0.286Vpp burst (C), 75 ohm (VT300 only)
Output Levels
Composite Same as respective input, +/-5% into 75 Ohm (VT300 only)
S-Video Same as respective input, +/-5% into 75 Ohm (VT300 only)


composite BNC Female (VT300 only)
S-Video 4 pin mini-DIN Female (std. S-Video connector) (VT300 only)
Remote 8 pin mini-DIN Female
Power 2.1mm female coaxial power connector
Remote port
  Interface Can interface to contact closure, relay contacts or TTL levels.
Each input can be inverted by menu selection.


Operating 0 deg ~ 50 deg C (32 deg - 122 deg F)
Storage -40 deg ~ 60 deg C (-40 deg - 140 deg F)


Operating 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Storage 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Power A 12V universal power supply (120-230V) is included with the unit
Voltage 12VDC (+9 to +20 VDC)
Consumption Approximately 210mA typical at +12VDC
Protection Automatic electronic fuse, internal, self resetting
Size (cased) 7.3" (W) x 7.0" (D) x 1.6" (H)
186 mm (W) x 175 mm (D) x 47.5 mm (H)
Weight (cased) 1 lbs. 10 oz., (737g)
Country of Origin Designed and manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Power Supply Country of Origin Taiwan or China
Cased units come with a universal power supply (USA style power cord) and operation manual.
Board level products do not include a power supply module.
Prices & specifications are subject to change without notice