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Color Bar & Test Signal Generators



CBG350 & CBG450 series Color Bar Generators

The CBG350 and CBG450 are color bar generators that can generate SMPTE style color bars and full field color bars. Color may be disabled for B&W systems. These products are an excellent low cost system for testing cables, products and monitors.
Operates with: composite & S-video (CBG350) or RGB/YUV (CBG450 series), NTSC & PAL
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CBG520 Color Bar Generator with Text Overlay

The CBG520 is a SMPTE style color bar generator with a unique text overlay function. Plug in a PS/2 style keyboard and text can be typed over the color bars in one of eight colors. The unit will remember the text after the keyboard is removed so it can be set once and installed. Excellent for signal identification and message display.
Operates with: composite & S-video, NTSC & PAL
RoHS available
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 CBG830 High Definition Color Bar Generator

The CBG830 is a high performance, full field color bar generator for HDTV that supports 720p to 1080p video (up to 1080p60). Small and flexible, the CBG830 is an affordable test solution for HDTV cabling, system and equipments tests.
Operates with: HDTV 720p, 1080p video, HDMI and DVI connections
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BL-CBG400 Board Level RGBS Color Bar Generator

The CBG400 is a 2 inch by 2 inch board that will generate RGB & composite sync (sync on green can be optionally selected) with a SMPTE style color bar pattern. Designed for OEMs, this board has been a popular inclusion in many systems as a stable test signal source.
Operates with: RGBS, NTSC only
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PCS15047 Series Board Level B&W Gray Bar Generator

The PCS15047 is a small 1.5 inch square board designed for OEM applications. The board generates a grayscale bar pattern for composite video. It is available with a variety of output voltage levels and impedance options.
Operates with: B&W composite video, NTSC only
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