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SWP4031  RGB & YUV Component Video Switch (Passive)


MicroImage Video Systems’ Passive Video Switch line addresses the needs for basic and affordable video switching applications. Each switch is manufactured with a durable aluminum case. A rotary switch mounted on the front is used for selection.

The passive video switches are bi-directional. They can be either a multiple in, single output switch or a single input, multiple output unit.

One application is to select between multiple video sources for viewing on a single display. Typically there would be several cameras and one monitor. The switch would be used to select which camera is to be viewed.

The switch can also be used to select one of several displays for viewing from a single video source. A common example of this is when there are monitors in several viewing rooms and the video signal (i.e. camera) must be routed to only one room.

If you need to display the same signal on multiple monitors at the same time, a Video Distribution Amplifier will be required. MicroImage Video Systems has a variety of units to meet your needs.

MicroImage Video Switches are professional grade and use high quality connectors. The SWP4031 uses standard BNC connectors. These passive switches do not require power to operate.

High quality video cables are available from MicroImage Video Systems in lengths from 1 foot to over 100 feet. Custom sizes up to 500 feet and special very low loss cables are also available. BNC, S-Video and RGBS cable sets in many common sizes are available through MicroImage Video Systems. We also stock common adapters and barrel connectors.

The SWP4031 is available only as a packaged (cased) unit. Custom designed or modified versions are also available. MicroImage Video Systems has designed many custom derivatives of our standard video switches to meet the special needs of different applications. We would be glad to help with your application. Quantity discounts are available.

The SWP4031 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty. The SWP4031 is not RoHS compatible.


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SWP4031 Operation Manual (PDF)


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NTSC/PAL 1x3 RGB & YUV Component Video Switch (Passive)

includes manual




Key Specifications

Channels 1 each for R/U, G/Y, B/V and Sync
Inputs/Outputs per channel 1x3 per color/sync channel
Signal Levels Up to 12Vpp max
Connectors BNC


Operating -0 deg ~ 50 deg C (32 deg - 122 deg F)
Storage -40 deg ~ 60 deg C (-40 deg - 140 deg F)


Operating 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Storage 5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Not Required
Size Approx 8.5" (W) x 6.7" (D) x 2.4" (H)
216 (W) x 170 (D) x 61 mm (H)
Weight    2.0 lbs
RoHS compliant No
Country of Origin Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice