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BL-PQD140  Programmable Quad Display Controller


The PQD140 series allows the user to independently program the position and size of four windows within a single display. For each window, the X and Y position, X and Y size, layer priority, brightness, contrast, color, hue and more may be adjusted. This can result in images as simple as a dual or quad display to complex images made up of four differently sized and scaled layers from each of the four composite input signals.

Programming is accomplished via the RS232 control port. In a typical application, the unit would be driven by a custom software driver (user provided) however it can also be programmed in manual mode through an RS232 terminal or terminal application. Once the coefficients for each parameter are set, they can be saved to the internal EEPROM memory so the unit will always wake up to those settings. This works well for applications that do not need to change the window positions or sizes. Several pre-defined layouts can be selected. All parameters are programmed in hexadecimal with a simple code.

Facilities allow for simple selection of each channel for full display instead of the quad mode. The PQD140 can operate in either NTSC or PAL mode. Different coefficients are required for each due to the number of scan lines changing between systems.

The PQD140 is presently available as a board level product with the BL-PQD140-01 part number for OEM applications. We may produce a packaged version if there is enough interest in more than the board level product. Board level products do not include the power supply and a 5VDC regulated power source must be provided. The standard board level product with a -01 suffix includes the standard video connectors that the cased product uses. For OEM applications, we can provide units with header and other connection types. Custom designed or modified versions are also available. Minimum orders and or additional cost may apply for custom units. MicroImage Video Systems has designed many custom derivatives of standard products to meet the needs of different applications. We would be glad to help with your application. We have also provided product at the chip level. Quantity discounts are available.

The BL-PQD140-01 has a one year parts and labor limited warranty. Board level units are RoHS compatible and cased units are available as RoHS compatible.


Additional Information Links

PQD140 Printable Literature (PDF) - coming soon!
PQD140 Programming Manual (PDF)


Ordering Information


Programmable Quad Display Controller (inquire on availability with factory)

includes case, power supply and manual. NOT RoHS compliant





Programmable Quad Display Controller (inquire on availability with factory)

includes case, power supply and manual. RoHS compliant.





Board Level Programmable Quad Display Controller

circuit board only, does not include case or power supply. RoHS compliant.




Key Specifications

Settings per channel 15 settings for each channel 9via serial command Z)
Front Switches (11) Power, A, B, C, D, Quad, Side A-B, Side C-D, Exch, Border, Bars
Rear Controls (4) 4 position DIP switch for options
1 - NTSC/PAL Select
2 - Not used at the present time
3 - Not used at the present time
4 - Not used at the present time
Rear Connections (8) Power, A in, B in, C in, D in, composite video out, S-video out, Remote, Keyboard (unused)
Internal adjustments None
Input levels
Composite Video 1Vpp composite (75 ohm)
Output levels
Composite Video - 1Vpp into 75 ohm (color bar reference)
S-Video 1Vpp (Luminance), 286mV (Burst) into 75 ohm (color bar reference)
Composite in/out (5) BNC female
S-Video in/out (1) 4 pin mini-DIN female
Power 1.3mm female coaxial barrel power jack
  RS232 (standard) 3.5mm female stereo phone jack
  Keyboard (KBRD) Not used at this time, available for future options
Memory 64M bit, (full frame x 1 each input channel)
Time Base correction Digital memory
Input Filters Multi-stage analog anti-aliasing filter
Decoding 9 bit multi-standard digital decoding
Line Lock Digital Phase Locked Loop (independent each input channel)
Subcarrier Lock Digital Phase Locked Loop (independent each input channel)
Comb Filter Multi-line 4H adaptive (NTSC composite only)
Processing 8 bit, 4:2:2, ITU-R601 and ITU-R656 standards
Image Enhance 2D peaking
Encoding 10 bit full Digital Modulation
Oversampling 2x (27Mhz) output over sampling
Output DACs 10 bit digital to analog converters
Output Filters Digital  oversampling plus forth order analog anti-aliasing (reconstruction) filters
Output Subcarrier Digitally synthesized from master clock
Master Clock 27Mhz +/- 50PPM (0.005%) typical
Subcarrier Frequency NTSC: 3.579545Mhz
PAL: 4.43361875Mhz (PAL B, D, G, H, I standards)
Horizontal Frequency RS-170/NTSC: 15.734Khz typical
CCIR/PAL: 15,625Khz typical
Vertical Frequency RS-170/NTSC: 59.94Hz typical
CCIR/PAL: 50Hz typical
Sync System NTSC, PAL, RS-170, CCIR
Bandwidth 6Mhz typical
Crosstalk 48dB
Gain Match Typically within 2%
AGC Yes, active all channels for luminance and chroma
Operating 0 - 50 C (32 - 122 F)
Storage -40 - 60 C (-40 - 140 F)
Operating 10% - 90% (non-condensing)
Storage 5% - 95% (non-condensing)
Voltage +5VDC +/5% , negative ground
(Universal power module included with cased products)
Consumption 450mA typical (3W)
Protection Automatic electronic fuse, internal, self resetting
Size 5.00"D x 7.25"W x 1.60"H (127 mm D x 184 mm W x 40 mm H)
including connectors [cased unit]
Weight 19.5 oz., (550g) [cased unit]
RoHS compliant Board Level versions - Yes
Cased units available as compliant or not.
Country of Origin Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems
Power Supply Country of Origin Taiwan or China (cased units only)
The PQD140 is designed and manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems, Boyertown, PA, USA
Cased units come with a universal power supply (USA style power cord) and operation manual.
Board level products do not include a power supply module.
The PQD140 does not provide power to the cameras.
Designed and Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.