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PG311-PG314 Pattern Generator


The MicroImage PG311/PG314 series of pattern generators are for applications to display custom designed patterns on screen. The PG311/PG314 units will overlay the pattern or patterns on top of the video signal provided to the input of the device. The PG311 can be factory programmed with one unique pattern, while the PG314 can hold up to four patterns and switch between them.

The pattern image files can be sent to the factory as a bit mapped file, in GIF, TIFF, BMP and other formats. JPEG is not an acceptable format. The resolution can be either 320x240x1 or 640x480x1 for NTSC. For PAL, the resolution is 384x288 or 768x576 (only up to 512 of the 576 lines addressable in PAL).

The units have switches for Pattern Display on/off, Power on/off and a rotary control to change the brightness of the pattern. The PG314 also has individual switches to select each pattern.

Units are available to function with a variety of video signals. The PG311/PG314 work with composite, B&W and S-Video signals. The PG311N and PG314N work with the NTSC/RS170 sync system, while the PG311P and PG314P operate with PAL/CCIR.

Power is provided by a universal power module (included) or the unit can be powered from +12VDC (negative ground). DC power consumption is about 3 watts. The unit is packaged in a durable metal enclosure with plastic bezel assemblies.

The PG series of Pattern Generators are also available as board level products. These can be provided with the standard connectors listed above or small single row "header" connectors. MicroImage Video Systems can also provide custom units to meet unique requirements. Please contact MicroImage Engineering for additional information.

The PG311 and PG314 have a one year parts and labor limited warranty.


Additional Information Links

PG311-PG314 Printable Literature (PDF)
PG311-PG314 Operation Manual (PDF)


Ordering Information

Note: A custom generated pattern is required.

Patterns may be provided by email or via disk in GIF, BMP or TIFF formats only at the proper resolution and one bit per pixel. Engineering and conversion fees apply and depend on the quality of the source file. Please contact MicroImage Engineering for details.


NTSC Pattern Generator for composite and S-video signals

includes power supply & manual



PAL Pattern Generator for composite and S-video signals

includes power supply & manual



NTSC Pattern Generator for composite and S-video signals

includes power supply & manual



PAL Pattern Generator for composite and S-video signals

includes power supply & manual



Board Level NTSC/PAL Pattern Generator for composite and S-video

supports NTSC and PAL and up to four patterns
circuit board only, does
not include case or power supply



Rack Mount Frame - 1U, size 1T, 1 unit

Holds three (3) PG311/PG314 (or other 1T sized) product. RoHS compliant.



Rack Mount Blank Panel - 1T size.

Will cover one hole in an RK133 rack mount frame. RoHS compliant.


Due to the custom nature of this product, you must contact your dealer or the factory to place an order.


Key Specifications

Input level  
  Video 1Vpp composite 75 ohm
  S-Video Y-1Vpp comp 75 ohm, C-286mVpp Burst 75 ohm
Output level  
  Video, S-Video Video - Same as respective inputs 2% into 75 ohm
  Video BNC female
  S-Video 4 pin mini-DIN female (standard S-Video connector)
  Power 2.1mm coaxial power connector
Switches PG311 - (3) pattern display on, pattern display off, power
PG314 - (6) pattern 1 select, pattern 2 select, pattern 3 select, pattern 4 select, pattern display off, power
Sync System RS-170 (NTSC) or CCIR (PAL)
Pixel Resolution NTSC standard resolution - 320x240
NTSC high resolution - 640x480
PAL standard resolution - 384x288
PAL high resolution - 768x576
Number of patterns PG311 - 1 maximum
PG314 - 4 maximum
Bandwidth Greater than 30 Mhz
Gain Matching Typically within 2%
  Operating 0 - 50 C (32 - 122 F)
  Storage -40 - 60 C (-40 - 140 F)
  Operating 10% - 90% (non-condensing)
  Storage 5% - 95% (non-condensing)
  Voltage +9 to +20VDC (+12VDC typical), negative ground
  Consumption 160mA typical @12VDC
  Protection Automatic electronic fuse, internal, self resetting
Size 4.50" x 5.60" x 1.60" (115 mm x 142 mm x 40 mm)
Weight 11 oz. (310g)
included Universal Power Module operates at 120-240VAC.
Manufactured in the USA by MicroImage Video Systems.
All units come with a power supply and operation manual.
Specifications are subject to change without notice