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[Color Bars]

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Above is a picture of standard SMPTE style color bars. These color bars are produced by several MicroImage Video Systems' products. Some products only produce full field color bars. See the test signal generator section for additional information.

Note the order of Gray, Yellow, Cyan, Green, Magenta, Red, and Blue from left to right. If any of these colors are reversed on the screen, check for switched RGB cables. Note that on many monitors, not all colors will look 100% correct, usually yellow will be a different shade.

If the colors are incorrect when using composite or S-Video. then adjust the HUE and COLOR controls on the monitor for proper colors. If your monitor has a "blue only" switch or you can turn off the red and green channels, refer to your monitor manual on how to accurately set chroma (color) and phase (hue) with this feature.

The -I and Q are colors just off from blue (-I is toward green) and (Q is toward red). These are typically used for factory measurements and may appear different in RGB vs composite/S-Video (YC).

The pluge signals, -4, 0, and +4, are used to set brightness on video monitors. When adjusted properly, only the +4 bar should be visible while the -4 and 0 both appear black.


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