12 pin Male HR to RGBS BNC Pigtails

12 pin




1 Ground White Shield Blue BNC Shield
2 B White Center Blue BNC Center
3 G Black Center Green BNC Center
4 R Red Center Red BNC Center
5 - No Connection  
6 - No Connection  
7 Sync Yellow Center Sync BNC Center
8 Ground Yellow Shield Synce BNC Shield
9 - No Connection  
10 - No Connection  
11 Ground Black Shield Green BNC Shield
11 Ground Red Shield Red BNC Shield
12 - No Connection  

View from solder side:

12pinsmall.gif (4722 bytes)
12 pin male HR
P/N 150-003-0120

Place the appropriate color of heat shrink on the
appropriate wire as based on the chart below:

Wire Color Heat Shrink Color
Red Red
Yellow Yellow

83005.jpg (14981 bytes)
cab85003a.jpg (21795 bytes)

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