12 pin HR Male to 4 pin Mini-DIN Male,
made with 1/2 YC cable (Part Number 110-120-0200)

12 pin HR

Wire for
12 pin HR


Wire for
4 pin Mini-DIN

4 pin

9 center conductor from wire without white stripe C Chroma Conductor 3
10 ground from wire without white stripe Ground Chroma Shield 4
11 ground from wire w/white stripe Ground Luma Shield 1
12 center conductor of wire w/white stripe Y Luma Conductor 2

Cut YC to YC cable in half. 
Place 12 pin rubber boot, metal connector housing,
" length of " glue heat shrink, and 1" length of " Black glue heat shrink.  (See diagram).
Spread cut end about 1".
Strip both wires back 1".
Strip center conductors 1/8" back and tin, also tin ground wires.
Cut 2 pieces of 1/16" heat shrink in 3/8" lengths.  Slip over center conductors.
Connect the center conductor of the wire with the white stripe to pin 12.  Connect its ground to pin 11.
Connect the center conductor of the other wire to pin 9.  Connect its ground to pin 10.
Slide the 1/16" heat shrink over connections and shrink. 
Slide the 3/8" heat shrink against connector and shrink it--BE CAREFUL NOT TO MELT THE CONNECTOR!
Continue with standard 12 pin assembly.

cab50010.jpg (20172 bytes)

View from solder side:

12pinmaleHR.gif (3460 bytes)
12 pin HR Male
P/N 150-003-0120

maleyc4pin.jpg (5075 bytes)

4 pin mini-DIN Male
P/N 150-006-0104

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