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Since 1970, we have been a leading manufacturer of quality video products for

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New Products



VP820 High Definition Video Pointer with Scale Marker

MicroImage Video Systems is pleased to introduce our new generation of video pointer, loaded with exciting new features. The VP820 has the features that have made MicroImage Video Pointers a solid choice for over 30 years, but adds a lot more. This unit has more sizes, more features and more colors for the pointer. Also featured is a unique, fully adjustable scale marker that can be used to indicate relative size. The scale marker is positioned independently of the pointer and can be separately sized or disabled. Suitable for digital DVI and HDMI video systems, the VP820 will operate at full HD, up to 1200p60.
In full production.



CL8800 High Definition Video CrossLine Generator

MicroImage Video Systems is introducing the CL8800 video CrossLine (crosshair) generator. The CL8800 can display up to 8 lines concurrently or up to two fully sizable boxes. The four optical encoders provide smooth, jitter free movement of the lines or box size. Line movement modes include independent, tracking and mirrored operation. Each of the four encoders may be locked to prevent accidental movement and each line may have a different color and serration. The CL8800 is designed for digital DVI and HDMI video systems and will operate at full HD, up to 1200p60.
In production.



VMU800 High Definition Video Measurement Unit (Scaler)

The VMU800 is the latest generation of video measurement unit from MicroImage Video Systems. The VMU800 retains the features set of the renowned VMU300 while adding several new features and significantly extending the scale range. It features a new design, built from the ground up for smooth and precise operation. Like the VMU300, this high definition version has optical encoders and keyboard entry of the scale to allow a wide range with extensive precision. Calibrations and settings may be stored in one of the ten available memories for extremely quick recalibration when changing optical magnification. The VMU800 will operate with digital DVI and HDMI video systems, and will operate at full HD, up to 1200p60.
In full production


HDC840 High Definition Camera

HDC840 1080p High Definition Video Camera

The HDC840 provides full HD resolution at a native 1920 x 1080 pixels at rates up to 60 frames per second (1080p60). The multi-standard outputs include both HD-SDI and HDMI to meet the needs of most systems for true high definition digital connections. A simultaneous standard definition analog output in NTSC or PAL is also produced. The flexible outputs allow use in existing systems while being ready for future high definition upgrades. The output of the HDC840 is a true 16:9 ratio widescreen image with square pixels which will display accurate aspect ratios. MicroImage Video Systems offers several systems based on this incredible new high performance camera. A new Camera Control Unit (CCU840) is now available. Available Now with new significantly lower pricing!



BL-PQD140 Programmable Quad Display Controller

The BL-PQD140 allows the user to generate custom quad displays via the RS232 interface. The BL-PQD140 accepts four composite video inputs and can independently scale each to fit user defined on screen windows. It can be programmed for split screen, traditional quad display, picture-in-picture, picture-on-picture and much more. Programming is via the included RS232 interface. Available now as a board level product. Inquire about cased units.
In full production



CBG350 NTSC/PAL Color Bar Generator

The CBG350 and CBG450 are compact color bar generators designed for ease of use and quick system tests. They produce a full field or a split field color bar test pattern which makes them suitable for easy monitor alignment and systems tests. The CBG350 series replaces the CBG310 series
In full production



CBG830 High Definition Color Bar Generator

The CBG830 is a small color bar test signal generator which produces an HDMI digital video signal. The CBG830 is designed for system tests and is easy to use. The CBG830 produces a full field color bar pattern in a variety of standard HD formats up to 1080p60. Will work with HDMI and DVI-D connections.
In full production as a board level item



Coming Soon

CCU840 Camera Control Unit for the HDC840.

Additional High Definition Video Products will be added soon.



Product Showcase


Split Screen Controllers


The PXD510E split screen controller does not require expensive Genlock capable cameras and offers many modes of operation.

Video Title Generators


The TLR500 is used to overlay simple  text over a video signal in one of eight colors.


Video Calipers


The preferred choice for precision non-contact and microscope measurement.